Published May 13, 2019

Economic Development Project Has Ripple Effect On Next Generation

The Summit was a turning point for me and my ministry. The idea that “the church is the hope of the world,” the concept of “leading people from here to there,” and also asking the question, “how will you change the lives of others?” created a new rhythm in my mind and actions.

I started on a quest to make my life and ministry relevant and significant.

I started on a quest to make my life and ministry relevant and significant. I found a way to contribute to humanity. I started to think of ways to benefit my community, and came up with a concept called “georgeonomics,” which is based on the idea of growing, making and doing what you can instead of buying it.

The “georgeonomics” concept has had a multiplying effect on our community. Gardening is helping to feed my family, bless people in my church and others to support themselves by earning an income through it. In the next two years I’d like to see “georgeonomics” become a brand of impact and an answer to poverty in our communities, and beyond.

Not attending the Summit would have robbed me of the new ideas…

I just returned from a province where I spoke to 60 church leaders from five districts. A new wave has been created where people want to work with their hands to support themselves and their communities.

At the Summit, I learned that our God is the God of processes, systems and structures and this is what we want to continue to learn from the Summit. Not attending the Summit would have robbed me of the new ideas I’ve gained. My world and ministry would not be moving forward.

Mwansa KobiI believe in the Summit and have brought others so they could experience transformation like I have. Our church is currently working on a model for raising up leaders in our community that starts with an innovative fair to inspire youth to help them unleash their life purpose.

We will continue to host the Summit because it has been a huge blessing to our congregation and our community as we pursue our dream to raise global leaders.

To those who’ve made the Summit possible in Zambia, thanks for coming into my space and changing my way of thinking for the better of my community. There has been a recent trickle-down effect on the next generation. Mwansa Kobi is one of those who has benefited from my experience of the Summit. He told me,” I will create my source of livelihood and provide jobs to my fellow young people.” Here are pictures from his farm!

Thank you to those who support the Summit. Thank you for initiating change in my leadership style, which will impact even more lives for generations to come!


About the Author

Rev George Chanda

Senior Pastor

Bread of Life Church in Ndola, Zambia

Reverend George Chanda is the Senior Pastor at Bread of Life Church in Ndola, Zambia. He is the overseer of the Bread of Churches in the Copperbelt South Region and sits on the council of Elders, the highest decision-making body in Bread of Life Church International under Bishop Joe Imakando. Reverend Chanda is a teacher by profession and a pastor by calling with a clear vision of helping people to dream and accomplish their dreams. He has a deep passion for soul winning and the youth in the body of Christ. When he is not preaching or teaching it is not a surprise to find him taking long walks as exercise or giving out tracts for salvation. He also loves to engage in real estate and farming. One of his principles is "Georgeonomics" which encourages households to produce what they need for home consumption through agriculture. He is married to Odiah and they have been blessed with four children, a son in law, a grand daughter, Abigail, and two grandsons, Ethan and Usher.