Published November 13, 2019

Leaders Are Awakened to Take Charge of Transforming Honduras

In 2012, Honduras was considered one of the worst places for violence. San Pedro Sula was considered the world’s capitol city for murder. There is still a lot to do, but things have been changing. You have heard about corruption and about drug trafficking, but when you visit Honduras, you will realize that the government has been doing a lot of work on this in the last few years. New laws have been approved that allow us to have a country where these bad situations can be judged, which opens the opportunity for leaders to participate in changing our country.

We dream of a Honduras as a place of hope, peace and love. Honduras is a land of promise. Honduras has a big opportunity to influence other nations. And leadership in Honduras is awakening to the chance to do that in this generation.

The Global Leadership Summit in Honduras is awakening leaders to take charge of change.

GLS HondurasOne thing that is very important for us in Honduras is that Christians can awaken to the reality of being involved, taking charge of their leadership and sharing these changes in society. Faith, hope and love are important. Christians need to engage in changing the society through these values.

I want people to understand that everyone has responsibility, and everyone has influence. People think that the solution to the problems of the country are the obligation of the government, the schools, or organizations, but we need to understand that all of us are in charge, all of us are leaders, and all of us have a part. Honduras is awakening to understanding that the social problems, political problems, and economical problems are an opportunity for everyone to participate and not expect others to do something.

Bringing the GLS to Honduras through translation builds connection.

GLS in HondurasIn 2007, we had the first Global Leadership Summit event with subtitles in Spanish, and that was good. But the very next year, we had it dubbed in Spanish, and people were amazed! When people come to the Summit and hear the voices of speakers, they feel really connected. It really feels like you are hearing and receiving in your own language, and that facilitates so much. We really appreciate this special tool to use throughout the whole year.

The Summit offers a whole point of view of different segments. It’s an opportunity to hear and talk with so many people who have a different point of view. Together, we can share and gather ideas, and that brings inspiration. That builds courage. It has been teaching us new ways to do things, and in the process, also helping us learn to redirect our life, our goals, our job, everything.

…we are believing that Christians can awaken and embrace their responsibility to be salt and light in our country of Honduras.

Participating with the Summit has allowed me to develop many relationships with all kinds of leaders. It’s my passion to understand others’ point of view and have a conversation that guide us together to a solution to any situation, with an expectation and real hope. You need hope for every moment and situations. I’ve gotten to know people from the academic sector, the government, different churches, including both Catholic churches and evangelical churches, and other churches, and of course I’ve gotten the the opportunity to know students and young people.

We are dreaming to have the GLS in at least five cities in Honduras and getting involved with more people from the marketplace and universities. This year, we’re expecting to have police and the government in attendance as well. We have a great opportunity with open doors into these institutions, and we are believing that Christians can awaken and embrace their responsibility to be salt and light in our country of Honduras.

The stories of outcome and growth inspire us forward.

The GLS reaches students at 10 high schools.

Praying at the GLS Honduras

While being the facilitator for the Summit, I remember a lady who came to the first Summit in 2007 in San Pedro Sula. She was there with her daughter and started talking to someone in charge of the schools in the area. Prompted by one of the sessions, they began talking about what they could do. And they decided to have a Summit with high school students. Now every year since then, they have been hosting the Summit for students from ten difference schools. In the process, we had the chance to invite the secretary of state for youth and also the president of the republic. I had the honor to interview him in the middle of one of our Summits in San Pedro Sula!

Funeral services company changes their model and becomes preferred company across the country.

The owner of a company for funeral services has been visiting the Summit in Honduras for more than five years, and he decided to invite all his team. In the process they got inspiration to change their model, not only in their administration, but in how they relate to people in this special moment. As a result, the company passed a very high appreciation and are becoming the preferred company for funeral services in Honduras.

See the fruit of your support. You are making a difference.

Honduras is a great country where you can visit and realize the big opportunities not only to serve, but to be served. Hondurans like to share their life with visitors. We are open to receive people from around the world so they can see, they can be in touch, and they can realize that we have a great opportunity to be of influence through our love.

To everyone who gives to the GLS in Honduras, I would like to say two things. First of all, your investment will grow to be fruitful. The second thing, please come visit. Please participate in one of our Summits. See for yourself that leaders in Honduras are doing their part, they are really interested in developing their leadership, sharing their leadership, and being an influence in every sector in the whole country. You will be very welcome here.

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Miguel Munoz

President of the Board

The Global Leadership Summit Committee, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Miguel Munoz is the president of the board that organizes The Global Leadership Summit in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Since 2007, he has also served as the facilitator for Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula sites.