Aprovechando el poder del Reino

Published December 12, 2016

In this excerpt, Ivan discusses the power paradox in relation to kingdom power. Ivan says our response to the acts of injustice that occur around us every day should be to act, using the kingdom power at our disposal to confront evil.

About the Speaker(s)
Ivan Satyavrata

Ivan Satyavrata

Senior Pastor

Assembly of God Curch, Kolkata, India

Chairman of the Centre for Global Leadership Development in Bangalore, he is active in shaping India's future church leaders. A board member for the world vision India and Chairman of the Board of Bombay Teen Challenge, his ministry focuses on evangelism in a multi-faith context as well as engagement with the major social issues facing his country. A pioneering pastor, author and scholar who received his Ph.D. from Oxford University. The church Ivan pastors reaches 4,000 attendees in eight language sections each week and runs an outreach that provices education and basic nutrition to thousands of children in the city slums.

Years at GLS 2014