Integrating Faith and Public Service

Published July 10, 2017

In this excerpt, Allen describes the URA’s former reputation as one of the most corrupt public institutions in Uganda. When Allen became Commissioner General, she made sweeping reforms to ensure integrity and competence in the agency. She believes this transformation was God’s idea, not so the URA would have a good name, but to serve the people of Uganda.

About the Speaker(s)
Allen Catherine Kagina

Allen Catherine Kagina

Executive Director

Uganda National Roads Authority

During her 20-year career as a public servant, Kagina has transformed the Ugana Revenue Authorirty (URA) by taking on corruption, increasing service-orientation and winning awards for innovation. Motivated by a desire to convert Uganda from a borrower to a giver nation, her reforms have led to higher revenue attainment, allowing the government to increasingly fund its national development plan. The URA has become model public institution for developing countries; Kagina is a sought-after speaker who regularly addresses international forums on resource managment. Currently, Kagina now swerves as the Executive Director of Uganda National Roads Authority.

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