Integrating Faith and Business

Published September 12, 2016

Leading up to this excerpt, Don Flow shares how he considers work to be the place Christ has called him to exercise faith, live love and bring hope. This impacts his prayer life as well as how he interacts with people on a daily basis as he exercises leadership.

About the Speaker(s)
Don Flow

Don Flow

Chairman and CEO

Flow Companies Inc.

Founded by Don's father in 1957, Flow Companies now operates 33 automobile dealerships with 1100 employees throughout North Carolina and Virginia. Growing up in the business, Flow worked every job at the dealership- and now leads the company based on three guiding principles: 1) trust the customers, 2) a unified employee culture, and 3) a commitment to every city where he does business. He serves on numervous boards, including Wake Forest Universtiy Trustees, Winston-Salem's Open ATP Tennis Tournament, is an Elder at First Presbyerian Church and loves mentoring young entrepreneurs.

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